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Common Issues

After 1000s of backups and restore actions we realized the most frequent problem is having a site too big for your hosting plan. Most people migrate for this specific reason, they have a slow site and don’t want to pay their current provider more because they found a better deal elsewhere. The challenge with this scenario is that your current hosting plan will probably not offer enough resources for a successful migration. The best way to handle this situation is to increase the resources temporarily on both the source and destination servers. Once restore is completed you can reduce resources as you feel fit. Another helpful tip is to reduce the size of the uploads, plugins, themes folders and the database. Time and time again we’ve seen older backups in the uploads folder, lots of logs in the database and many plugins that are disabled and/or not being used. Similar to apps on your smartphone, you can delete and re-add many plugins without losing any settings as these settings are stored in the database.

Here are some common errors and remedies:

  • If you get a timeout error you should speak with your host about increasing  memory_limit to 256M, max_execution_time to 900, and mysql.connect_timeout to 600. 
  • If you get a permission error you should set permissions to  775 recursively on wp-content folder.
  • If restore completes successfully but you get a blank page or 500 error, something is not compatible with your new environment. You should enable WP_DEBUG is wp-config.php ( ) and try to fix the issues. This usually happens due to a different php version or server configurations.
Is there a size limit?

We tested successfuly the plugin with sites that are over 2GB but we also had very good server resources to make that happen. With that in mind please check your wp-content folder and remove any old backups, or unecessary plugins, image archives, themes etc. 

How much time do I have to restore my site?

You have 24 hrs from the time the backup was completed. If you miss the time window you would need to initiate the backup again before you can restore.

Do you offer support for WordPress Multisite?

Not at this time.