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The fastest & easiest to use migration plugin.

Easiest to use migration plugin on the market. No file downloads, uploads , no size limitations or premium versions. With 1 click you will export your site and with just 1 more click you can fully restore it to your new host. 100% Success or money back guaranteed.

Key Features

Flexible Pay as you go plugin that helps you migrate your site to a new host with or without changing domain names.

Faster Exports & Imports

Because we stream your archive from server to server we do not require that you to have a fast internet connection for migration to be successful. We handle the magic in the background without the need to download or upload any file.

Fast & Secure

We archive and encrypt the data on your server using a password of your choice and then stream it securely to our online storage and back. We never have (or want to have) access to your password or unencrypted files.

No Size Limits, Super Fast Imports

With 1 click, we stream down your export file, we decrypt it on your server and restore all your data. There are no import size limitations.

Changing Domains? No problem

We automatically detect domain changes and update your database and installation accordingly.


We offer a “pay as you go” option or an “unlimited” plan based on your needs.

Pay as you go


 100% Money Back Guarantee

No Long Term Commitments 

7 Days to keep migrating the same domain

Best for the occasional use



Cancel at anytime

Unlimited Monthly Migrations

Best for designers and developers

Premium Dedicated Support

Best deal if you migrate 2 or more sites /mo

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