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  • Cleanup Site

    Disable & remove any unwanted Themes, Plugins & Media Files. Database cleanup is also recommended. If you don’t know how to do this manually there are many cleaner plugins you can try such as

    Please deactivate all plugins except for ‘1 Click Migration’ if possible

  • Backup Site

    Enter your email and choose a password then click Backup Site. Backup can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

    The password will be used to encrypt your files while they are being backed up, streamed, and stored on our servers. A strong password is recommended. Do not use your WordPress password.

  • Troubleshooting

    If backup fails repeatedly, press ‘Stop & Reset’ and use the advanced options dropdown to backup section by section. You can use the same username and password each time and we will append the existing backup.

    The timer displayed under the progress bar is the max execution time your server has set. We try to increase it if possible and if a process runs out of time we try to automatically restart it. In some cases the site is simply too large for the plugin to finish so we recommend either cleaning up more files, increasing server memory and execution time. If these are not possible you may need to find an alternative solution or perform a manual migration.

  • Important Info

    We do not have access to your unencrypted files and cannot recover the password for you.

    If you use the same email/pass combination repeatedly we will overwrite the backup data each time

    You have 24 hrs after the backup was created to execute the restore.