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In the past few months we’ve been working relentlessly at hardening 1 Click Migration and making it compatible with as many hosting providers as possible. This is not an easy task due to the many different server environments and configurations we must adapt to. With that said we believe we are highly compatible with most modern hosting providers.

We have noticed some backups failing due to some very large file sizes. We do not impose a hard file limit but installations that are 2GB+ can get stuck during the uploading stage. We suggest going through your files and making sure your are only migrating the relevant site files. After troubleshooting with customers we frequently discovered large old backup files, cache files etc taking up more space than the site itself. These should be cleaned up prior to migration to ensure a swift experience.

Finally, as much as we would like to keep the plugin free forever, we have hosting to pay, data transfer fees and development time. We shall announce a pricing table in the coming weeks. Meanwhile continue to enjoy free migrations :).

We appreciate all the feedback we’ve been getting and we love hearing from our customers so please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact link.